Dryness and weight training

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The purpose of dry weight training is relatively simple. It is about losing fat mass without losing muscle. To do this, a diet and adapted training are essential to the success of your objective. It is not only a question of stopping eating, you must at the same time, calculate your daily needs in order to avoid a total loss of energy.

Dietary supplements also play an important role in a period of dry weight training, as they provide the body with the necessary nutritional needs, while avoiding a higher caloric intake.

What to eat to dry?
You should know that during your dry period in weight training, you will have to make concessions. You will have to change your daily habits for a while. Indeed, it is strongly recommended to make 6 small meals a day, rather than 3 large meals. Protein intake is obviously not to be neglected, as it is the basic nutrient in your drying success. It is recommended to consume 1.5g to 2g of protein per kg of body weight.

Example: An 80kg man will have to consume about 150 grams of protein divided into 6 meals, which will aim to facilitate digestion and assimilation. This fraction of meals is intended to make the best possible use of what we eat. 
 In addition to protein intake, vitamin and mineral intake is also essential. Indeed, although these vitamins have no energy functions, they are still essential in regulating metabolism, tissue repair and energy release. These nutritional needs are found in fruits and vegetables, fish, seafood...
Finally, lipids, which are often equated with fats (and rightly so), should not be discarded. However, not all lipids are recommended during a dry period. Only unsaturated fatty acids are preferred. You will find them in fish and vegetable oils. Lipids are not produced naturally by our body, so it is important to provide it with this need through food.

Carbohydrates are not to be completely removed, but you still need to reduce them. Their function in a period of dry weight training is to provide you with energy. This is why, some dieticians recommend making one or two "cheating" meals during the week, based on this carbohydrate intake in order to "recharge the batteries".

Food supplements for dry weight training
They play an essential role. The supplements will provide the body with the necessary energy during this delicate dry period. The objective is to include them in your daily diet, they should remain a supplement and not replace your diet and your essential daily intake.

The proteins will be used to feed your muscles, so that they don't melt like snow in the sun. Indeed, they will have a nutritional effect while promoting the loss of fat mass. Casein-based proteins are prized by athletes because they have an anti-catabolic effect, which means that they will be absorbed and digested slowly. Catabolism is the loss of muscle mass associated with a diet.

Fat burners are also a great complement to your dry period in weight training. They are generally composed of guarana, caffeine, green tea and vitamins C, which facilitate fat burning while controlling fitness weight. Vitamin C helps to reduce fatigue and thus increase energy.

The other supplement used for dry weight training is l-carnitine. This amino acid promotes the transport of fat molecules to muscle cells, thus promoting the production of ATP. ATP is the energy used by muscles.

Feeding during a dry period?

Each athlete will have their own hygiene during a dry period. There is no such thing as a "model" day in terms of nutrition. However, your protein intake must be calculated and you must not deviate from the rule. The example below will give you an idea of what you might encounter during a period of dry weight training.

Diet during the dry season:

Breakfast: 50 grams of oatmeal, one fruit, 1 egg + 4 egg white.
Snack: 200 gr of 0% fromage frais or a whey protein shaker and a fruit.
Noon: 100 grams of rice with white meat or fish + 1 capsule of omega 3
Snack: White ham without rind or chicken breast, a slice of wholemeal bread.
Evening: 300 grams of vegetables accompanied by white meat or white fish.
Snack: 1 dose of Bodybuilding Casein
Don't forget to drink plenty of water, which remains the number one ally of sportsmen and women.

What about the dry weight training in all this?
Obviously, the purpose of dry weight training is to lose fat while maintaining muscle mass, so it is essential to continue exercising. Cardio-training is recommended, but be careful, too much cardio means a high energy expenditure, the risk being to lose muscle in addition to losing fat. 3 cardio sessions per week is recommended. Your sessions should not last longer than 30 minutes, which will be more than enough in your dry program (if you respect a good diet). Do not bludgeon yourself with cardio if you do not feel like it, there is still a supplement, not an obligation, weight loss will be a success or not, partly thanks to your diet.

In terms of weight training, don't try to increase your performance, it's absolutely useless. It is even strongly recommended to work on the sensations rather than trying maxi. In addition to the fact that your training will be a little different, the loads used must not turn into feather weights either. The objective of weight training is to maintain muscle mass, but also to create an anabolic effect, also promoting calorie burning.

Also, the dry period in weight training is an opportunity to work your muscles in isolation to get a good muscle definition. This means that you will target some of your muscles to give them a toning, curved appearance and thus accentuate muscle definition.

However, do not neglect the basic bodybuilding, which makes it possible to work on the large muscle groups that will increase metabolism and also promote the elimination of fat (squat, bench lying, neck bench, raised from the ground...).  There again, there is no exact science, the sessions must be individualized, each person having a different metabolism.

In conclusion, nutrition will be the number one factor in your success. Dryness is a delicate period in the sportsman's agenda. Indeed, the concessions he will have to make can damage his morale. It is therefore important to maintain an equivalent lifestyle and not to neglect food supplements such as a weight boost and a fat burner, which represent a choice ally.

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