Plan 30 Days Without Eating Sugar - Part 1

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Plan 30 Days Without Eating Sugar - Part 1
Many studies still point to the many disadvantages caused by excessive sugars (or table sugar) to health, ranging from tooth decay to chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

The World Health Organization advises that sugar consumption should not exceed 10% of the total daily calories consumed, ie, if my daily caloric intake equals 1800 calories, the contribution of sugar from this figure should not exceed 180 calories per day, and Land Most people eat far more than the recommended amount. In addition, WHO suggests that reducing the intake of sugar to less than 5% of the daily intake of calories provides more health benefits.

Based on these guidelines, it is best to avoid added sugar as much as possible, and to be careful to choose natural sources of sugar such as fruits and milk.

Sugar is found in many food products, which include:

Soft drinks
Ready-made fruit juices
Dairy products and sweets
Sugars hidden in many sauces, ready-to-eat cereals and others

Among the many health benefits to reducing the consumption of sugar, the most obvious is to avoid excess calories (and thus store them as fats) and control blood sugar level. So I decided to make a radical change in my feeding style and experience the following ...

Plan 30 days without eating sugar added

I want to monitor the effect of sugar avoidance and its sources for a month, will this help control weight? Or reduce blood sugar level?

If this experiment has positive results (although I have a normal body mass index and a normal blood sugar level), think about the benefits that will accrue to people with type 2 diabetes, obesity and overweight.

For a more accurate assessment, I analyzed the following, to monitor any changes before and after the end of the 30 days:

Blood sugar: 85 mg / dL (normal range 60-110)
Cumulative sugar HbA1C: 5.5% (normal range 4.5-6.3)

Deleting added sugar is difficult to get used to, but not impossible, with some endurance, and focus on natural alternatives to the sweetness of sugar can be done. After these 30 days, I will return blood analysis and weight control to evaluate the results.
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