Fitness exercises clearly explained

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Physical activity must be adapted to physical goals such as bodybuilding, weight loss or muscle dryness. They offer athletes possible alternatives in the form of a toolbox in which they can freely choose the "tools" most suitable for them. If fitness exercises are performed correctly, they are an effective tool for success in bodybuilding or fat burning. We explain in detail how to do them well. Our condensed exercise guides give you an overview of the most common mistakes and show you the variants and possible alternatives for each exercise.

 Basic exercises
the most fitness exercises to ensure the interaction of large groups of complex muscles are the basic exercises. They are suitable for beginners as well as for advanced users.
The 4 most important basic exercises are bench press, knee bend, own weight and developed shoulder. They help to strengthen large muscle groups such as legs, chest or back globally.

Isolating exercises

Isolation exercises are very popular, especially with confirmed athletes. They allow you to work specifically on the muscles and renew any strength training.
For coordination work, for example, it is possible to combine isolation exercises such as biceps flexing with other exercises such as lunging. It is particularly important to ensure proper execution. In case of doubt, the golden rule is: technique takes precedence over weight.

Fitness exercises in body weight.
In recent years, the fashion for fitness exercises that only use the weight of the body has become fashionable. Training methods such as Freeletics are based on body weight exercises. It is above all a combination of intensive exercises, interspersed with short breaks, consisting of cycles. Physical exercise, such as push-ups, crunches or sprints, is the order of the day. Advantages of these fitness exercises: They can be performed at home or on the road without any problems, as they do not require a fitness studio or training equipment.

Souplesse and retirement
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