5 exercises to firm up abdominal muscles

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Being overweight in the stomach is the first thing people notice in those who have gained weight recently. Maybe the volume of your belly or your love handles has increased because you spend too much time on your computer and lead a sedentary life? Do not worry, because the illustrations below will help you burn unwanted fat easily. These targeted exercises are practiced and developed by the actor and fitness dummy

1st exercise:
Lie on a fitness mat, put your hands under your buttocks and lift your upper back. Stretch your legs and start crossing them one above the other.

2nd exercise:
While lying on a fitness mat, place your right foot on your left knee, lift your back and touch your right knee with your left elbow. Reverse the position of your legs and elbows and repeat the exercise.

3rd exercise:
While lying on a fitness mat put your hands on your temples, bend your knees and begin to lift the upper back.

4th exercise:
Lie on a fitness mat with your upper back up and your legs stretched out in front of you. Begin to lift your legs alternately up and down.

5th exercise:
Lie on a fitness mat, bend your knees, raise your head and back, place your arms along your body and begin to touch your feet with your fingers (left leg-left hand, right leg-right hand).

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