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When I attended my first yoga class, I made the same mistakes made by many novices - I compared myself to others, and judged myself for not being able to go in or grasp that other people (they seemed less suitable than me) would do easily. I was forced, I ... well, I was totally sad, and when the coach came with a belt and a few blocks, I considered her an insult.Progress quickly 20 years or so ... Yes, I fully realize that this is not the way yoga is supposed to go. When it comes to props? Oh my God, give me everything, please.

Yoga is not about winning. It is certainly good to finally wipe out a position you are heading towards, especially some gradual balance, but yoga is more about testing the practice than achieving a certain level. It does not look like you are gaining a certain color mat as soon as you can carry a kro, as you know? This means that it is very important to move to the constipation position correctly rather than force yourself into a position where your body is not ready.

That is why the props are so wonderful! A block or two (here is our favorite) can allow you to correctly perform situations such as Triangle (Trikonasana) or Half Moon (Ardha Chandrasana). Belt allows you to experience Seated Forward Bend (Paschimottanasana) without sacrificing the shape - but, trust me, you will still have plenty of stretch. Using a cushion, cushion, or folded mat We, the narrow ones, allow us to settle down in Pigeon (Eka Pada) and get the benefits without having to involve the balancing muscles that have no place in the situation.Do you pick up a topic in the above words? Allow, let, receive - is not that more in line with yoga's goal of impact? Let it be easy, yo!I was really lucky to receive lessons with a number of really excellent teachers, and you know what the best teachers look like? They encourage the use of props - for their students of all levels. Even the strongest, the most angered in the days when they feel a little hard, or a small ulcer, or just want to make it a little easier, the props make it easy to adjust their exercise from day to day.So, let's give some props to our yoga tools, right? I think they have earned it even more.
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